ESL ONE Cologne 2017 – Inside Report

ESL One is a big tournament for Counter Strike: Global Offensive which took place at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne from 7th of July to 9th of July 2017. Eight teams got qualified for the offline finals at ESL One.

The event started early on Friday, 7th of July 2017. Our group got to the Lanxess Arena by opening time, which was around 8AM in the morning. We got our badges pretty fast, there were only a few guests at the arena by that time. First challenge was to find out where we’ll be able to sit with our special VIP badge. There were no signs which showed the way to the several seating areas, so we entered the ground floor by the player’s entrance and sat down on the seats right in front of the stage. The staff at the entrance of the seating area checked our badges and let us through. We were lucky, because later we found out that we weren’t supposed to sit in this area.

First game was G2 Esports against Natus Vincere. Since it was Friday in the morning, the crowd was still sleepy and Natus Vincere probably too, but after a few rounds they showed us an exciting match which got into overtime on de_overpass and was won by Natus Vincere with a 19:17. The second round on de_nuke was also won by NAVI.

The stage was amazing. While there were four different displays which showed the game, we had one display in the middle which only showed the map. With a bomb timer and light signs for dead/alive players it was made sure that every guest knew what was going on in the game.

With our VIP badges we were able to enter the Twitch and Partner lounge, where we had food and drinks for free. There were only small TVs to watch the game and we weren’t supposed to take the food and drinks outside of the lounge, so most of the time we spent on the actual seating area to enjoy the games on stage. Meaning and purpose of the Twitch and Partner lounge was networking and finding some space for all kind of well known people. Therefore we have spotted some esport celebs up there.

Second game started after lunch. Our boys were pretty hyped since their favorites Ninjas In Pyjamas faced Cloud9. NIP was able to take the 2nd map on de_cache but sadly lost de_train and de_cbble and dropped out. The last two games for Friday were FaZe Clan vs. Team Liquid (2:0) and OpTic Gaming vs. SK Gaming (1:2). If you’re interested in further game results, they can all be found on or

Saturday started later in the afternoon, so we had enough time to drop by the Partner Arena, where our Sponsor HyperX had a booth with signing sessions and also a gaming session for two guests which had the opportunity to play against our very own Michael “chline” Bieri and Kevin “royal” Frey in a 2on2.

The last game for Saturday ended with FaZeClan vs. SK Gaming (0:2) and guests went on their way with the shuttle bus to the ESL One After Party with DJ TheFatRat who also made the music being used during the ESL One event. Sadly our group didn’t attend the party.

The finals on Sunday started with a big opening by DJ TheFatRat. The show was amazing to watch. In a best of 5 Cloud9 and SK Gaming were fighting for the winner cup, which went to SK Gaming with a 3:0 in the end.

Sunday was sold out and pretty crowded, but we always found good seatings for all of us. Even though we had VIP badges, there was no special seating area for us which was fine, because we always had good sight on the stage and displays. We really enjoyed the experience to watch a tournament with all the other gamers who share the same passion. The atmosphere was amazing. If you’re a passionate CS:GO player or enjoy watching CS:GO games, you have to make this experience at least once!

Thank you Daniel “scheedaariii” Hafner for taking us with you! Also thank you HyperX for the warm welcome at every event we meet and your support!

This article as well as the pictures belong to SILENTGAMING.

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